Senior girls football vs Mercy Tuam

Our senior ladies football panel hit the ground running today in fine conditions in Dunmore against Mercy Tuam. An early start to the season, the game had a lot to answer for, as girls got accustomed to playing with each other and positional changes. As we heralded in a new year on the field, the sideline also had a lot to learn about what the girls had to offer, and they were not disappointed.
A less than ideal start saw a fluid Mercy side on the attack registering 5 or 6 points before Dunmore got into the game and could register their first score. Indeed, it was a disheartening first few minutes and could have broken the spirit of many a team. However, our ladies showed great grit and determination to claw their way back into the game. Rebecca Noone got us started on the scoring with some fine points from play, and not long after Katie Slattery found the back of the net. Our forwards did a great defensive job on the opposition’s kickouts and managed to overturn a good deal of possession in this regard. Mercy were not to take this lying down however and countered our scores with some fine scoring of their own, also adding a goal to their tally. After our disastrous start, we had some beautiful passages of play. Some of our passing did leave a lot to be desired however and luckily some near misses by Mercy kept us within reach. Mercy employed a running game, playing out of position, leaving only a handful in the forward lines and leading the charge from their half backline and this did cause some confusion for our backs. Their efforts cannot be faulted though and improved communication saw our defence becoming more adept at smothering the charges as the game progressed. Ava Coleman, Sarah Cosgrove and Isabelle Murray kept the scoring tipping over with some fine efforts over the bar. Half time saw us trail by a point with Mercy 1-11, Dunmore CS 1-10.
Second half and Dunmore CS really found their rhythm. This was definitely to be their half. They started with a bang and started the scoring almost immediately. A more coordinated approach was seen throughout the field and no stand out performances could be picked, it really was a team effort. Our defence efforts were relentless and saw numerous attacks being overturned, resulting in our own scores. Blocks, dispossession and pressure became more prevalent in the game and mixed with some fine goalkeeping display from sub goalie Erika Diskin really rattled the Mercy forwards. Meadhbh Hanley continued to frustrate the opposition as she dispossessed many a runner meanwhile Sarah Hartnett, Amy O’Connor and Emma Concannon rose to the occasion making excellent debuts on the senior panel. On the other end the scoring was a beauty to watch. More players got their names on the scoring sheet and the goalie was beaten thrice- once by Grace Dooley and twice by Megan Smyth. Indeed we were unlucky to not add more to the goal tally with a fine shot by Charlotte Burke just hitting the bar and remaining in play. Points were totted up by Megan Smyth, Grace Dooley, Rebecca Noone, Megan Healy and Charlotte Burke. We also had the opportunity to empty our bench and our subs did not disappoint as they joined the game seamlessly and produced excellent performances. Indeed, the brilliant displays by every member of the panel that took to the field today has certainly made the task of choosing a starting team for our next outing a very difficult one.
Dunmore CS held Mercy’s attacks off very well only allowing them to score 1-1 in the second half whereas Dunmore CS registered a whopping 3-9 scored in the second half. In the end, after what was mostly a competitive battle, Dunmore CS romped home with a convincing win of 4-19 to Mercy’s 2-12. A superb start to the season and hopefully one we can continue to build on. Our next outing sees us away to Ballyhaunis on the 7th Oct. We wish the girls every success on that outing and are sure they will continue to do themselves, and the school proud. Training continues for junior and senior ladies Wednesdays after school from 4-5.15pm