Garda Vetting for students


Please carefully read this post and complete the whole process carefully.


1.) You must compete the NVB 1 form
2.) If you are under 18 your parents must complete the NVB 3 form (including their email address).
3.) You get the principal to complete a cover letter (you must provide him with proof of address and identity e.g. Official Letter and Photo ID e.g. passport etc)
4.) then all 3  fully competed forms are sent to:

Garda Vetting,
10H Centrepoint Business Park,
Oak Drive,
Dublin 12

(Ensure you keep a copy of proof of postage.)

5.) Shortly afterwards you will receive an email to invite you to compete the vetting process online.


Please note:You have a 30 day window to complete the invite or you will have to start the application process again from the beginning.