Online Access

All students should have access to their online school accounts by logging into with their school email and password. Due to the speed at which schools were closed today, some teachers did not get time to assign work to students. Therefore, it is intended that work will be assigned to students via our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment – via Email, MS Teams and Class Notebook). Please encourage your child to check-in online at regular periods to retrieve work from their subject teachers either on their phones or PC/laptop/tablet etc. If your child was absent today or is having issues with logging in to MSOffice, they may email me for a password reset or assistance at principal @

As I explained to the Leaving Certs today, a work/study plan for the next two weeks is essential to ensure they make productive use of the time they are away from the classroom. We strongly encourage you to assist your son/daughter in getting this plan organised to make productive use of the time ahead in preparation for the exams. We will update you about the LC Orals and practicals as soon as we get clarification from the Department.