Middletown Centre for Autism Online Training

We are linking with Middletown Centre for Autism and you are invited to an “online Autism and Post Primary Programme”. The current programme has already begun, Package – Middletown Centre For Autism (middletownautism.com) but if you would like to apply for the programme, simply let them know by email below.
Or you may prefer to attend the full online programme beginning in November, Package – Middletown Centre For Autism (middletownautism.com)
The 2nd online programme also covers the same topics and will run from 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm on five consecutive Wednesdays. 
Don’t worry if the timing of the training doesn’t suit you, as long as you are registered, they will send you a recording of the training which remains live for 2 weeks and a range of resources will also be provided.
Further details:
Email: frances.o’neill@middletownautism.com