Maths Week 2023

Prior to the Midterm DCS marked Maths Week with different activities and increased visual representations around the school. 2nd and 5th-year students had the opportunity to participate in the Maggie Gough online competition, while 1st and 3rd-year students took part in our Maths Week Table Quiz. We created mathematical awareness with our maths posters that were made by a 1st-year group, and we highlighted mathematical concepts with our displays along the upstairs corridor.  Some Second Year students used various measuring devices including a trundle wheel and laser measure device to measure the length of the upstairs corridor and they also used a digital angle finder ruler to calculate the angle of elevation of the Stira attic stairs installed on the school campus.
Well done to Isabelle Lopes in Fifth Year who scored the highest score achieved within the school in the Maggie Gough Competition. Congratulations to Jamie Donnellan and Ylana Santos in Second Year who achieved the highest score amongst our Junior participants in the same competition. To mark their success, these students received a Maggie Gough Certificate of Achievement and also a voucher for the school canteen.