Juvenile boys vs Ballinamore CS

A gallant performance on Tuesday by a determined Dunmore Juvenile boys’ football team saw us progressing to a much-deserved place in the Connacht quarter-final. Indeed this was no easy achievement and took a huge effort from the whole panel to see off our opponents. Both teams were well matched after emerging top (Ballinamore) and runner-up (Dunmore) in their respective groups to meet in this preliminary knockout round. To start it looked like Ballinamore were going to test us as they took an early lead popping 3 beautiful points over with no response. However, Dunmore settled and found their rhythm and were eager to prove to Ballinamore their worth. Some beautiful passages of play and some expertly set up and executed scores by Dunmore showcased our ability to work well together and crucify backlines. Thus half time saw us claw our way back and end up with a substantial lead of 2-6 to 5 points.

Second half, Dunmore lined out with their minds still firmly on the task at hand as this game was still nowhere near over and credit to Ballinamore they came back battling. Our defence were put under huge pressure by some powerful bursts lead by Ballinamore, particularly their number 11 and 8. While this onslaught was occuring, our defence maintained their positions and kept the scoring from the opponents at a minimum. Several dispossessions, blocks and pressure resulted in 6 wides by Ballinamore and only a goal and 3 points in the second half from their efforts. However, it cannot be overlooked the tremendous display of skill, composure and hand eye coordination by our goalie who saw some dangerous balls, safely out of harm’s way and was highly commended at the conclusion of the game by the match referee.

While Ballinamore worked hard for their scores, Dunmore’s classy display made our scores look effortless, and they managed to match their first half performance by scoring another 2- 6 in the second half. Remarkably, in total, the four goals came from three different players and the points from four which highlights the potential of all our offensive players. 

A thrilling game of football led to a deserving win by Dunmore with our final score reading 4-12 to 1-8. It looks like we could be meeting the winner of Enniscrone vs Abbey, Boyle in our next outing, the Connacht quarterfinal at the end of January, an opportunity I know our lads will relish!