JOTS 17 – 5 DCS students included

We are delighted to announce that the 17th edition of the Journal of the Old Tuam Society will be in shops on Friday 6th of November. This year we have five students from Dunmore Community School whose articles were chosen to be published. Earlier in the year we entered Break the Seal competition and as part of this competition, we linked in with Ms. Anne Tierney President of the Old Tuam Society. She was so impressed with our students work that she agreed to publish five of our articles. They include a mystery plane landing in Lissybroder Dunmore in 1962, the murder of Thomas McEver in May 1921, a student’s great grandfather in the IRA. A family letter from Private James Quinn from Darrary, Dunmore and our student who came third place in the overall competition whose essay is called Trailblazing Tinkers. Normally there is an annual launch for JOTS but due to COVID restrictions, this cannot take place. Amazingly this edition has over 120 pages. Eurospar in Dunmore will be selling the JOTS magazine. We hope you enjoy our students work!