It’s OK not to be OK Workshop

This week, our 2nd and 3rd years had workshops with Gina Dowd, Counselling West. The area of self-harm and suicide has been highlighted not only in the national media but also at a local level as an area of growing concern among our young people. Here at Dunmore CS, we are constantly striving to promote positive mental health and encourage any students who have concerns to talk to someone they trust.  As we approach Christmas, it is a time that these feelings can come to the fore.

Gina worked with our students by encouraging them to explore and manage what is happening in their lives and explain to them the options open to them in getting help if they ever need it. The various numbers and websites are listed below.

What is Counselling: Counselling can help you to explore and manage what is happening in your life. It helps you understand yourself better and gain an awareness of why you do things or why you don’t do things.  Maybe you have some worries or concerns that you need to think through, or possibly some difficult decisions to make. Counsellors aim to help you through difficult situations to gain a better awareness of yourself and help you to find a way forward.  It may be about helping you accept what can’t be changed!

Important Numbers – Click to Enlarge for Printing