Energy Efficiency Upgrade Pilot Programme for Schools

We are delighted to officially announce that Dunmore Community School has been chosen as one of 17 schools in the country to take part in a pilot scheme of converting our school into a more energy efficient and environmental friendly building.

In the announcement yesterday evening, Minister for Education Joe McHugh said “This exciting collaboration sets an example by creating a better environment to learn and work for pupils, staff and teachers. The money saved by ‘greening’ will support schools to concentrate resources on doing what they do best – teach. This pilot programme will demonstrate the most environmentally-friendly, high-performance and cost-effective solutions to turn older school buildings into top-rated energy-efficient buildings. It’s good for schools and good for the environment.”

Here in Dunmore, the design team have already been working with us for the past few months with the plan of delivering energy efficiency works this summer. The upgrades target a 33% energy efficiency improvement and involve upgrades to doors and windows, insulation, lighting and heating upgrades as well as renewable technologies.

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