Dunmore CS Students win GMIT CANSAT regional Final.

Two transition year teams participated in the local GMIT regional Cansat final, with Team CAN-Struction being victorious on the day. They will now compete in the national finals in Birr on Friday April 15th. The competition is an Engineering-Science Technology Project run by the European Space Agency.The aim of the competition is to design and manufacture all the sub-systems of a satellite and fit the contents inside the volume of a coke can. Teams were required to measure air temperature, air pressure, air humidity, altitude, soil temperature once the satellite landed and transmit all the data wirelessly to a nearby laptop. Students were required to assemble the components together, programme them, and also design a parachute to allow for the safe return of the completed module once dropped from a height. Below is a short video of last years national final, to give you a brief outlay of the overall project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeUNIGFHCYQ