DCS JC 2020 Final Online Assessments for 3rd Years

The following is the timetable for the end of year final assessments for the Junior Cert Class of 2020.

Instructions for 3rd Years:

  • Quizzes will go live at 9 am on the morning stated and once you open the quiz to start, you should submit it within the stated time by the teacher.
  • Students must have the quiz submitted by 9 pm of the day the test goes live. This flexibility has been allowed to ensure all students have the opportunity to work on the quiz at a time that is convenient in your homes, either on a laptop or on a phone.
  • We ask all 3rd years to make a genuine attempt with these quizzes, as they are the final part of your JC 2020 Assessment.

Online classes for 3rd Years will finish up next Wednesday the 20th May to allow students to concentrate on their end of term assessments from 21st to the 26th May and to facilitate the collation and issuing of the DCS JC 2020 School Certification. We hope to issue these reports in early June.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation for the effort students and our teachers have made in their engagement with online learning over the past two months.