Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety for Parents/Guardians

Reminder: We have organised a Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety online presentation for Parents/guardians this Thursday, the 12th November at 7pm.

In today’s technology-rich environment most of us feel woefully inadequate when it comes to knowing what our teenagers are really experiencing when they use the internet.  This is normal and to be expected.  However, as parents/guardians, we have a fundamental duty of care for our children, and unfortunately, that means getting some insight of the things that our teenagers are experiencing on-line.

The webinar is being delivered by Jeremy Pagden, the Managing Director of Schools Websites.  In the past, Jeremy has travelled all over the country delivering Internet Safety talks to both parents and students alike.  The topics covered during the session are as follows:

·         Gaming and Internet Addiction
·         Gamification
·         Cyber bullying
·         Social Media & The Law
·         Social Media Privacy, Issues & Challenges
·         The motivation behind large Social Media Companies
·         Types of Internet Theft
·         Browser History
·         Safe use of apps
·         Useful Resources

This excellent presentation will take approximately 1 hour, and parents/guardians will have to register to attend. A registration link has been emailed to all parents/guardians. You must register prior to the meeting to get a link to attend.

Please note, we have also organised online webinars for our students from 1st to 5th year this today and tomorrow during the school day to help them with understanding the importance of Internet Safety.

We are sure you will all find this presentation extremely useful.

“The presentations on Cyberbullying and Internet Safety were excellent. Students, Teachers, School Management and Parents were fully engaged with the content and Jeremy’s presentations were easy to follow and interesting. He captured the attention of his audience for the full duration of his presentation. I would consider the content to be essential for all teenagers and adults who engage with social media”. Eileen O’Brien, Principal, St.Joseph’s Secondary School, Foxford, Co. Mayo

“The feedback from staff and students was very positive. The students were very attentive all throughout his 90-minute talk and the staff members who were present found his presentation very interesting and engaging. I would definitely recommend him to other schools for students, staff & parents. We would hope to have him back to deliver his presentation to other year groups in the future”. Anna Maria Newell, SPHE Coordinator, Presentation College Athenry