1st and 2nd Year Girls Basketball Champions in amazing Double Final Win!

Yesterday was an incredibly proud day for our Girls Basketball teams and school as both 1st & 2nd Year Girls were crowned Regional Champions! 2nd Years came out on top against St. Josephs Charlestown in their semi-final with some fabulous displays of fast breaks and tight defence. After the triumph of our tremendous 1st Years winning the Final (an incredible achievement their first time in a league! ) 2nd Yr Girls had the fire and determination to take Headford on in a nail-biting game. Every player worked so hard to fight for the ball and win layups and the second half the girls took off to lead until the final whistle. Our dual captains of Meadhbh Hanley and Emma Heneghan lifted the cup in elation as all girls jumped for joy! Well done and congratulations to all the girls and coaches Ms. Canny and Ms.Grehan. The girls showed if you believe and work hard you can achieve anything! It was a special day we will remember.