Leaving Cert Baby Photos Video 2018

Our Leaving Cert 2018 Baby Photo video is now available to view on Facebook. Enjoy 🙂

The Leaving Cert Class of 2018 Baby Photos Video

LC 2018 back to the early years…Our annual baby photo slideshow. Just a little trip down memory lane for our Leaving Certs and their parents. #Dunmorecs

Posted by Dunmore Community School on Friday, May 25, 2018


Business Studies Tour

Our 2nd & 3rd year Business Studies students enjoyed a great day out at The Chocolate Warehouse, Dublin. The Chocolate Warehouse is a unique experience where students discover the history and joy of chocolate through a two hour workshop. The workshop includes a presentation on running a chocolate business, a chocolate demonstration and a hands on session where students become true chocolatiers by coating, piping and decorating their own chocolate. 

‘Sick of Plastic Day’ – Documentary: ‘A Plastic Whale’

This Friday, the 18th May, we are having a ‘Sick of Plastic Day’ as one small step in making a joint contribution to reducing the large quantities of plastic that are consumed every second of every day around the world. Our environment is becoming more littered every day and our food chain is becoming contaminated. We are asking all students to do a little so that together we can do a lot!!! So this Friday in order to reduce the amount of plastic we use, please only bring to school sustainable plastic and not bring single use plastic bottles etc to school.
In order to prepare for the day we had a viewing today of the documentary from sky news called: ‘A Plastic Whale’ which was about a dead whale which was found with its stomach full of plastic packaging. It is a very sad reflection on what is happening to our environment under our watch.
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