Original Art Work by 1st year Visual Art students

These are some of the hand-made original etchings designed and made by first year Visual Art students. After much experimentation with the Christmas theme, the students developed the etching and learned the ancient skill of Printmaking, in this case an intaglio dry point etching. They will be for sale at the Christmas market in Dunmore on Saturday. Perhaps someday one of these students will be a world famous artist and you can be the proud owner of a priceless work of art😃

2nd Yr Petit-déjeuner Français!!

On Friday Ms. Maher and her 2nd year French class prepared a beautiful French breakfast!


The smell of fresh baguettes,  croissants, elaborate cheeses filled the corridor outside as the sound of French melodies was the perfect backdrop to their French conversations. Hot chocolate warmed all in this very enjoyable morning.  Even teachers savoured the leftovers 😊 Well done on bringing French culture to DCS on a cold Friday in December!

1st year Visual Art

Unfortunately the students ceramic monsters were not dry enough today to paint so they will continue the project after midterm break. In the meantime the students learned how to create armature with tinfoil and masking tape which will come in very useful with the creation of 3D work in the future. They created some very interesting masks today with this technique! Happy Halloween to all the students 🎃👻👺👽

TY Travel to Zeminar

Transition Year Students along with Ms Clesham and Ms Brogan attended Zeminar,a life changing day for Generation Z in the RDS, Dublin during the week. Mental and physical wellbeing among young people was under the spotlight at this national youth seminar. The Zeminar programme was in response to research from mental health organisation Jigsaw,formerly Headstrong which found that anxiety,stress,sleep issues,cyber bullying and isolation are main difficulties hindering academic and personal growth. These factors,in conjunction with fast moving technology,academic pressures,unhealthy diets and ever changing career options present a complex and challenging environment for young people to navigate.
The students were introduced to innovative organisations,workshops,influential speakers, essential resources and fun activities. Careers and opportunities along with clubs/ hobbies and wellbeing zones captured their attention.  There was also an emphasis on the Irish language and this zone captured their imagination in many ways.
Our students found the day very worthwhile and were appreciative of the many opportunities available to them in Transition Year.

Ceramics with 1st year Visual Art Students

Some examples above of 1st years Ceramics

Fantastic Monster work today from 1st years! They learned how to make a clay pinch pot and develop their ideas with learning how to attach features to create a monster. All are now left to dry over the weekend and next week they will learn how to paint them and use them as an introduction to making animations using smartphone technology. The students will learn the techniques involved in producing a short stop motion animation and linking animation to craft, in this case ceramics.

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