NB: Parent Talk on Internet Safety

Our 1st, 2nd, 3rd and TY classes are having Internet Safety Workshops and Seminars tomorrow. The cost of this is €3 per student.

We are also considering an Internet Safety Talk for Parents tomorrow night, Thursday 14th Dec from 7-8pm. If you are interested in attending please click on this link and let us know. We can’t run the talk if we have insufficient numbers.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Why do our kids need to use the Internet?
  • Cyberbullying
  • Online Gaming
  • Online relationships
  • Excessive Internet Use
  • Appropriate Content
  • Digital footprint
  • Legal implications
  • Active Mediation
  • Digital Health

Original Art Work by 1st year Visual Art students

These are some of the hand-made original etchings designed and made by first year Visual Art students. After much experimentation with the Christmas theme, the students developed the etching and learned the ancient skill of Printmaking, in this case an intaglio dry point etching. They will be for sale at the Christmas market in Dunmore on Saturday. Perhaps someday one of these students will be a world famous artist and you can be the proud owner of a priceless work of art😃

Internet Safety Course – Thursday 14th Dec

We will be holding Internet Safety Workshops for our 1st & 2nd students and an internet Safety Seminar for our 3rd & TY Years on Thursday the 14th December.

Please see http://zeeko.ie/secondary-schools/ for further details.

These workshops will be based on a ‘Trend Survey’ of students, so it will be tailored to suit each group.

Please note we will also be holding an information evening for parents that evening at 7:00pm.

Calling the College Graduates of 2017

We are reprinting our school prospectus and we would again like to include some of Dunmore Community School’s past students who have recently graduated from 3rd level.prospectus

If you have graduated this year and you would like to be included, we would appreciate if you could email us a graduation photograph along with your name, your course name and the course/college you have graduated from. (Photos can be emailed to – dquinn @ dunmorecs.ie) before the 10th December.graduates

Please share and tag this with fellow past students that have graduated this academic year.

1st Year Mentoring – Save the Day

A mentoring Meeting for all 1st years will be held on December 4th after school. An appointment time will shortly be issued to you. We ask that you and your child attend to meet with your child’s assigned mentor.

What is a Mentor?

A mentoring teacher is appointed to each student in 1st year to see how the student has settled in and to discuss with you any difficulties they may be having. Please note this meeting is not concerned with subjects or academic progress. It is important that each child is represented by a parent/guardian.

The Community bid a fond farewell to the Mercy Sisters

A lovely celebration was held in the parish church last week to pay tribute to the Mercy Sisters for their trojan work in the parish throughout their time in Dunmore. Their friendship, kindness and the enormous contribution they made to education in our school will always be remembered. Archbishop Michael Neary and Fr. Fergal captured our thoughts so eloquently in their kind words. It was a fitting tribute to the  Mercy Sisters  that our students and staff took part in the prayers and choir on the night . Thanks to all involved . Wishing Sr. Bernardine, Sr. Joan and Sr. Annemarie many blessings in their new homes. There will be many fond memories throughout the parish and their legacy will never be forgotten.

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