Online Learning

I have emailed a letter to parents tonight (to their child’s email address) outlining ways they can assist their child and us, as a school, over the coming two weeks. All students should be able to login into their school email account via If they are having any difficulties, please contact me at principal @ and I’ll get back to you.

Reminder: Social Distancing

The Government has closed pre-school to third level schools to help minimise the spread of Covid-19. The school is closed until the 27th March to help in achieving this. We are reminding staff, students and the wider public to practice social distancing, and to minimise physical contact with each other, to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. This should include minimising social contact, avoiding meeting up and keeping physical space between them. Parents and guardians are urged to support their children to maintain this approach.

Press Release from Dept of Ed.

Please find attached the press release issued by the Department of Education today with useful information and advice for parents.

Also, I did notice some of our students were quite worried about Covid-19 today and although I did try to allay their fears, I’m sure many other of our students are as well, so I’m attaching a letter from the Dept of Education to assist you in talking to your child about Covid-19.

Online Access

All students should have access to their online school accounts by logging into with their school email and password. Due to the speed at which schools were closed today, some teachers did not get time to assign work to students. Therefore, it is intended that work will be assigned to students via our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment – via Email, MS Teams and Class Notebook). Please encourage your child to check-in online at regular periods to retrieve work from their subject teachers either on their phones or PC/laptop/tablet etc. If your child was absent today or is having issues with logging in to MSOffice, they may email me for a password reset or assistance at principal @

As I explained to the Leaving Certs today, a work/study plan for the next two weeks is essential to ensure they make productive use of the time they are away from the classroom. We strongly encourage you to assist your son/daughter in getting this plan organised to make productive use of the time ahead in preparation for the exams. We will update you about the LC Orals and practicals as soon as we get clarification from the Department.

School Closure

Following the announcement today by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar all schools, colleges and childcare facilities will close this evening until 29th of March because of Covid-19.

Dunmore CS will, therefore, finish classes as of 3.55 this evening and study at 6.00 pm. All students will be informed and encouraged to take home all books and equipment that they may have in their lockers as they will not be able to access their lockers once the school has closed. The school building will be open until 6.00 this evening if you wish to call in and collect books etc from the locker.

It is important that students have access to their school-based email so teachers can communicate with them regarding work over the coming weeks, in particular exam classes.

We understand that many parents and students will have worries and concerns especially exam years. At present we have no information as to arrangements for JC practical exams and LC orals that were scheduled to take place during this closure. We will keep you updated as soon as information is made available to u via our website and Facebook feed.

1st and 2nd Year Girls Basketball Champions in amazing Double Final Win!

Yesterday was an incredibly proud day for our Girls Basketball teams and school as both 1st & 2nd Year Girls were crowned Regional Champions! 2nd Years came out on top against St. Josephs Charlestown in their semi-final with some fabulous displays of fast breaks and tight defence. After the triumph of our tremendous 1st Years winning the Final (an incredible achievement their first time in a league! ) 2nd Yr Girls had the fire and determination to take Headford on in a nail-biting game. Every player worked so hard to fight for the ball and win layups and the second half the girls took off to lead until the final whistle. Our dual captains of Meadhbh Hanley and Emma Heneghan lifted the cup in elation as all girls jumped for joy! Well done and congratulations to all the girls and coaches Ms. Canny and Ms.Grehan. The girls showed if you believe and work hard you can achieve anything! It was a special day we will remember. 

West Regional Final

Best of luck to our First Year Boys who travel to Ballinfolie, Galway tomorrow to contest the First Year Regional Final in Basketball.  They have had an unbeaten run so far & are looking forward to the occasion. 

West Regional Champions

Well done to our talented 2nd Year lads who started off a busy sporting week with a win & they have secured the West Region Crown in Basketball. We were slow to start in the first quarter against a well prepared Headford side. But we took off in the second quarter with great team play and scores from Robert Heneghan and Dylan Connolly. A big lead was generated and they never looked back. Colm Costello, our captain fantastic accepted the cup and they now look forward to the All Ireland playoffs where they will try to secure a place in the Arena like last year. Best of luck to all the other sports teams who are representing the school this week 

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