Zeminar 2018

Transition Years, Ms. Scarry and Ms. Clesham attended Zeminar 2018 in the RDS on Tuesday 18th November. They attended talks by Cora Staunton and Rory O’Neill (Panti Bliss) and visited the exhibition and interactive stands.

Health Promotion in DCS

Paul Gillen, Health Promotion Officer with the HSE visited today to further the school’s attempts to gain The Health Promotion School Flag. During the past number of terms, Paul has worked with Ms McGagh and Ms. McManus. Today he met with the Student Council and teachers Ms McGagh, Ms. Weadick and Ms. Doyle, Student Council Co-ordinator. He complimented the Council on their efforts this term to ensure that students of DCS can have a tasty, nutritious and very reasonably priced lunch each day in the canteen. Paul complimented the staff and management for the introduction of new programmes like Big Brother/Big Sister and the MindOut Programme for senior students, both of which we have introduced this year.  These programmes, along with our other new initiatives, like our Tutor system, ensure that the well-being of our students is being kept as a top priority.

Senior girls’ football vs Ballygar

In horrific conditions, Dunmore played Ballygar in their Senior girls’ football campaign. Bitterly cold with strong gusts and stinging heavy rain and sleet meant that this was going to be no easy task.

Playing into an unwavering breeze in the first half challenged our girls with many of our shots falling short into the goalie’s hands as well as forcing our girls to work harder at carrying the ball with passes being unreliable and unpredictable. At halftime, we saw ourselves down by 5 points with the score reading 1-10 to 1-5 to Ballygar.

The determination and positivity of the Dunmore ladies were not to be quashed however and the second half saw a revitalised Dunmore team with some beautiful passages of play. Having the advantage of the wind at our backs definitely helped spur the team on. Early in the second half Dunmore took their scores with confidence and drew the game level. However, clenching those winning scores was just out of grasp and the game remained nail-bitingly tense as the teams remained level yet both made strong attacks. Special commendation must be made to the girls on their defence all over the pitch as many advances were foiled and the ball recovered. In fact, so good was the defending and reading of the game that Dunmore held Ballygar scoreless in the second half.

Unfortunately, we just missed out on the win as some pressurised shooting lead to near misses as well as there being a questionable disqualification of a second-half Dunmore goal. The game ended drawn with 1-10 a piece to both teams. Fair play to all the ladies that travelled and togged in this weather, especially our subs as it was fiercely cold with no shelter. Your efforts are appreciated! Keep up the good work

DCS Breakfast Club

In addition to trialling healthy dinners, we are also going to trial a breakfast club at the 11 am break each day. Students will have the option of either:

  • toast and juice/tea
  • cereal and juice/tea

We intend to provide this for free at the moment on trial basis, again to gauge interest. Thanks again to #FoodforSchool for their support in this.

School Dinner Menu #FoodforSchool

We are delighted to announce our proposed 2-week menu. Dinners will start on Monday, the 12th November at a temporary subsidised cost of €2 for students. 



Week 1

Week 2
Monday Pan-fried chicken wrapped in bacon with gravy, vegetables and potatoes

Turkey and ham with stuffing, vegetables and potatoes


Loin of Bacon, Parsley Sauce with vegetables and potatoes Chicken stir-fry  with sweet chilli sauce and rice


Cheesy baked lasagne with vegetables and potatoes

Shepherd’s pie with veg and potatoes

Thursday Chicken curry with rice/chips

Chicken curry with rice/chips

School Dinners coming to DCS #FoodForSchool

Following on from the survey our Students Council have completed with the student body, you have overwhelmingly voted in favour of having the canteen supply school dinners at lunchtime. Our canteen company #FoodforSchool is delighted to start providing dinners on Monday the 12th of November. The school will subsidise it for the 1st week or 2, so dinners will be available for €2 and then return to the full price of €4.

This will be for a trial period to gauge the student and parent interest in ordering dinners. Further information when you return to school next week.

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