11Nov 2019

PV Panels – Carbon Emissions

Although our Solar Panels output has dropped recently due to the shorter days, it’s great to see we have offset our school’s carbon emissions by 1 ton since August with the production of almost 1000 kWh of electricity, You can keep track of our production here.

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02Sep 2019

Green School Update

26 days since our PV Panels were installed and we have already produced 373KWh of electricity, resulting in a saving of over €75 of electricity and reducing our Carbon footprint by 0.39 tonnes, the equivalent to planting 1 tree. We also hope to have our gas heating commissioned and tested this week which will also …

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25Aug 2019

Building Works Update

The last few days have been very busy in DCS getting the school ready for the return of students and staff. I know from the outside, it may look far from ready, but on the inside, we are pretty much there. The poor weather has held up the external rendering, so scaffolding has to be …

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08Aug 2019

PV Panels Installation Completed

The installation of our 19 photovoltaic panels (c. 5 kW) is now complete. Since 3 pm yesterday, they have already produced 28kWh, a saving of €5.32. These panels produce electricity in daylight, not just direct sunlight. Each day, students, staff and visitors to the school will be able to monitor the output on a display …

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06Aug 2019

Building Works progressing well

It has been a busy summer here in Dunmore CS. Our building works are progressing extremely well and we hope to have everything completed for the 26th August, the first day of term for our incoming 1st years. At this stage, the old heating system has been completely removed and new pipework and radiators fitted …

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10Jul 2019

Upgrade to Entrance of the School

While the works are progressing on the inside, we decided to give the school entrance a little tidy up by felling the tree and removing the old canopy before the new doors and windows are fitted in the next few weeks. Thanks to Mr Fleming & Mr Gannon (two past students, who were more than …

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02Jul 2019

Unwelcome guests removed from DCS

During our building works a little issue of 30 or 40 thousand bees caused a small delay in the fitting of our external lighting. As much as we would love to have left them in their natural hive, the position of it was unsuitable. They have now been carefully removed and are happily located in …

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02Jul 2019

Planning Permission Granted for Solar Panels

We are delighted our planning permission application for 30m2 of Photovoltaic Panels has been granted by Galway Co Co, During the summer these panels will be fitted to the south facing roof of our building to further enhance our green energy rating.

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21Jun 2019

Building Works are all set to start

The Department of Education and SEAI have concluded the Etendering process, and have appointed E.T. Burke Construction as the contractor to carry out our Deep Energy Retrofit. Everything is on schedule and we have moved out of the building this evening. As of Monday the 24th the work begins and is expected to be completed …

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